Tuna Slaw & Brown Rice Salad

You guys spoke and I listened! thanks for the overwhelming positive response on my Instagram poll today, clearly indicating to me you guys are craving my Tuna Slaw & Brown Rice Salad recipe to freshen up your lunch meals, this is a filling and scrumptious salad that you’re going to love. I am the type that typically gets addicted to a certain recipe I’ve come up with and eat it over and over again, I think I’ve had this salad almost every other day for 2 weeks now, until I make up my next recipe that over runs my kitchen and meals 🙂

This salad came together accidentally, one day I was clearing out my fridge with what I had left to try throw together a quick lunch, I had some left over cooked brown rice, a can of flaked tuna in water, a bag of broccoli slaw, celery, a few grapes and some fresh dill. I have to say, I am loving President’s Choice choices of slaw, they have three fresh varieties, broccoli, beet or kale slaw available for only $2.00, it’s a staple in my fridge and I stock up regularly. Typically, I love eating my tuna with a bit of Greek yogurt and mustard mixed in and placed on top of a rice cake with fresh cucumbers, I didn’t have rice crackers so I thought, I’ll throw together what I can find. I took one bite of my creation and I was hooked, it was so fresh, filling and packed with protein and healthy carbs, it’s also so versatile and I throw in whatever I have on hand and it always turns out yummy. Alright, here is the recipe!


Makes 2 servings:

1 can (120 grams drained) flaked tuna in water, drained

1 heaping cup broccoli slaw (I use President’s Choice Broccoli Slaw)

1/2 cup cooked brown rice

1 stalk celery chopped

5 grapes halved

1 tbsp chopped fresh dill

2 tbsp plain Greek yogurt

2 tsp honey mustard

Salt & Pepper to taste

You literally throw all ingredients together in a bowl and toss with your Greek yogurt, mustard, salt and pepper to taste and there you have your Tuna Slaw & Brown Rice Salad! It keeps really well as leftovers for the next day, pack it for lunch, I’ve even topped it with a hard boiled egg and avocado for extra protein and healthy fats after a great work out. I make big batches of brown rice at the beginning of my week so I can whip this salad up on the go. Spring is coming and this fresh, bright salad is so fitting. Hope you guys have a beautiful rest of your Sunday and a great week before Easter hits us! Thanks for your support and following, sending lots of love!

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