Warming the Soul with Soup and Paying it Forward

Good morning all you lovely souls! I have to say the last couple of days have been pressing for me and at times I found it difficult to stay positive. With the freezing cold temperatures, car troubles and a crippling migraine, I was feeling quite defeated! I decided to step back, take a deep breath, re-examine everything that had unfolded and in doing so, I could appreciate the beautiful that had come from my struggles. From a generous and compassionate stranger, to kicking my migraine with a big bowl of my Rustic Cabbage Chickpea Soup, I am looking forward to sharing both with you!

It all started with my car having a flat tire on a -25 degree Celsius kind of day, topped off with a too close for my comfort, near car accident. Don’t you worry, I averted the accident somehow and I pride myself in being able to change my own flat tires (due to being a stubborn and bad ass woman) and having had several flat tires in my short lifetime already. The experience is certainly elevated in hypothermic temperatures! As I slowly, but surely, gathered my tools to change the deflated tire, out of nowhere appeared a young gentleman! Before I could even blink he had my tire changed and walked me through the whole thing! This act of kindness brought a massive smile to my half frozen face and I couldn’t find words to thank him enough, he simply smiled back and I felt through his eyes that perhaps all he needed me to do was… pay it forward.

I was the lucky beneficiary behind his good deed that day and I truly believe in paying it forward elsewhere to show appreciation. I was reminded that one simple good act may go an incredibly long way for someone, whether it be small or substantial. Will you join me in showing gratitude through a random act of kindness today? Let’s make our world feel a little warmer, I’d love to hear how you payed it forward! I think we need it now more than ever, especially with all the negativity around us lately.

I was then hammered with a migraine to top it all off! After some much-needed rest, I was starting to feel better and an appetite started to arise! You know when you dig through the fridge and forgot you had cooked up something divine two days prior and you cry for joy when you find those left overs? No? I most certainly do. I stumbled upon one last, much-needed, warming and comforting serving of my savory, Rustic Cabbage and Chickpea Soup! This soup is so easy to make, it is full of comfort with hints of sweet leeks, crunchy cabbage, bursts of sweet tomato and a rich broth, it brings heart warming flavors and it certainly was migraine soothing!

In the last couple days I was beautifully reminded that in every random act of kindness there is a deeper meaning and that act can impact someone in such an indescribable way. It is more important now than ever to pay it forward and show our love and appreciation in everything we do. Thank you to the amazing individual that changed my tire and got me home safe, I will certainly be paying it forward.
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