A Sweet Morning Breaky Worth Buzzing About – Feat. Drizzle Honey

Hello everyone! Are you all ready for a sweet morning breaky worth buzzing about? Remember my post yesterday raving in excitement about a local collaboration project? Well, I am truly delighted to acquaint you to the impressive local honey story of Drizzle, Hive and Honey Products, founded right here in Calgary, Alberta! I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to showcase and support this impressive company, which features delectable and sustainable honey products. After one golden, dripping spoonful of their tangy and creamed Spring honey collection, I was exhilarated by its boldness and my palate was bursting with hues of caramel and spring blossom flavors. This motivated my creation of, Caramelized Figs on Drizzle Honey Whipped Ricotta Oats. Drizzle’s luscious honey brings these oats to exceptional levels of heavenliness!

I love the story behind Drizzle, founded in 2015 by a young female entrepreneur by the name of Aja. Her background in Environmental Science paired with her love of honey bees and local agriculture, produced a simply beautiful and high quality honey product. I’m telling ya guys, you NEED to get your hands on this honey, ASAP, it’s so damn divine! I’ve always been an advocate for supporting and shopping at local businesses, especially one’s that provide such exceptional products. Drizzle not only delivers an incredible sustainable product but they in turn support local beekeeping farms! Check out where your nearest retailer is here or buy online at https://drizzlehoney.com/collections/honey.

Obviously, honey is delicious, but you need to be aware of the type and quality of honey you are buying in order to ensure you get all of its exceptional benefits. Once again, another reason I stand behind Drizzle’s honey! Their honey is lightly filtered and unheated, which allows the honey to retain the important stuff your body needs, such as vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and healthy enzymes!

I grew up eating honey (thank you mom and dad!), from smothering it on almost burnt toast with butter or poured all over my morning kase (Czech porridge), I have always loved honey and its beautiful composition. Little did I know I was ingesting a product with quite impressive qualities. Honey is nature’s energy drink! The glucose gives your body an instant boost in energy as well as endurance and reduces muscle fatigue (this is why it is highly recommended for athletes), while the fructose is absorbed over time for a more sustained energy, pretty neat huh?! Honey is a particularly effective in boosting the bodies immune system as it contains anti-bacterial properties, great for helping you stay healthy and fight disease. Honey is seriously impressive, if I don’t say so myself!

I personally could devour honey by the spoonful (as you discovered from my childhood!), but I decided to control myself and use it in my, Caramelized Figs on Drizzle Honey Whipped Ricotta Oats, the flavors really highlight this particular Spring honey collection. Aja mentioned to me that their Drizzle Spring Honey is a rich and bold honey that encompasses flavors of chamomile, dandelion and caramel, produced for only a short period of time (that being spring!).

When that drizzle honey hit my tongue, it transported me back to my travels in Greece. At one particularly stunning hotel, on the tip of the Santorini Caldera, overlooking the ocean and volcano, we received breakfasts appropriate for the gods! It consisted of Stragissto (a thick, cheese like, strained yogurt) drizzled with honey, fresh, plump, sweet figs and fresh-baked bread. This led to the creation of these cardamom and cinnamon infused dreamy, creamy oats, with gorgeous caramelized figs, Drizzle Honey whipped ricotta, a light crunch from the nutty, earthy walnuts and of course finished off with drizzling that divine Drizzle Spring honey! So get that golden syrup flowing, don’t apply sparingly, it’ll keep you buzzing through your busy day!

Huge thank you to Drizzle for inspiring me and allowing me to get creative! XOXO




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