All About Quick Healthy Snacks – Puffed Millet Fruit Energy Bars

Why hello! Thanks for taking the time to check in and happy Thursday everyone. Lately, these gorgeous days have been calling me outside to get active and spend quality time with those I love. Now, I know it can be challenging when out and about to pack healthy snack options, so I have just the recipe for you! My healthy Puffed Millet Fruit Energy Bars will keep your body invigorated and will help you endure and conquer all those outdoor activities!

I started creating my own granola bars as I was so exhausted in constantly searching for bars that weren’t loaded with sugar or preservatives. I will never go back! I especially recommend these Puffed Millet Fruit Energy Bars on those ample activity packed days, when you are in need of a quick and energy ridden snack. The dried fruit gives you that quick release of energy, the nuts provide healthy fats and protein to help restore those hard-working muscles and the chewy millet contains energizing minerals, vitamins, protein and fiber! With no refined sugars, dairy, gluten or additives – you simply can’t go wrong with these wholesome and satisfying granola bars. They are impressively addicting, sorry not sorry!

Last week I hit up the cross-country skis trails at the Nordic Center, Canmore, with my darling little sister! The day was perfection, with dazzling snowflakes floating through the air, at times uncoordinated limbs (much improved near the end!), a couple of clumsy falls and copious amounts of stomach cramping laughs. Nostalgia flooded over me as memories of skiing with my grandma came to mind. She always ensured that tea, homemade lunch/snacks prepared with love were packed, to keep our little legs going. Being very much like my grandma, I loaded our backpacks with my delicious Puffed Millet Fruit Energy Bars and of course heart warming tea to parade only our best skiing skills! Taking a little break, we warmed up in the Mountain Lodge with tea and my granola bars. I offered my sister a bar and it was quickly devoured, she may have gone for seconds 🙂

I hope my bars bring a smile to your face and keeps you invigorated for anything that comes your way! Sending lots of love, xoxo.




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