Kale is Where it’s at!

Good morning…almost afternoon, how time flies on weekends off! On Saturdays I rarely have time to be cooking up a filling and nutritious lunch time meal in between all the activities. But one dish I can always count on is my crafted with love, Warm Kale Mushroom Salad. This is no ordinary kale salad, this is one you will be making repeatedly after you taste one scrumptious forkful, I promise!



The kale scene has really blown up in the last couple years, as so it should because kale is just so damn tasty and holds super powers, hence the nickname super food! Alright, perhaps kale doesn’t hold actual super powers… but it sure has unbelievable health benefits for such a simple leaf. Kale is a powerhouse food and packs more nutrition than any other whole food out there, apparently an ounce of kale comprises more iron than an ounce of beef! In one heaping cup you’ll have met your daily Vitamin K, A and C levels for the day, be filled with an outstanding amount of anti-oxidants and kale is said to have cancer preventative benefits.

I simply adore kale, I know not everyone does due to its tougher leafy nature and at times bitter taste, but it’s all in its preparation and highlighting it’s attributes when it really shines! When buying kale I recommend looking for the organic, softer, small-leaved curly kale, it tends to be less tough, slightly sweeter and absorbs any flavor you throw at it. When preparing kale, ensure to cut off the hard stems, wash it in warm-hot water to assist in softening the leaves, then I dress it while prepping the rest of the salad, this will ensure soft and savory kale leaves!

My Warm Kale Mushroom Salad has so many mouth-watering flavors, earthy garlicky mushrooms, carmelized onions, lemon pepper basted kale leaves, topped off with melting creamy goat cheese and crunchy buttery walnuts. I absolutely love this salad and have converted several non salad eaters into believers, I have testimonies! Try it out today for a lunch to help you power through your Saturday! XOXO




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