In the Beginning…


Well today is the day and my food blog dream is no longer a dream, it is officially existent and very much alive! I am embarking on this crazy and wonderful food blog journey and I am shaking with excitement, motivation and perhaps a tinge of nervousness. I am so delighted to have the opportunity to share my creativity with and passion for healthy, wholesome delicious food with you through my blog! My recipes are inspired by my travels, my cravings and remembering to maintain a balanced healthy lifestyle.

So let’s go back to the very beginning, now I can honestly say a lot of my childhood I remember yearning to help my mom or grandma in kitchen, I remember thinking I was such a help but I’m sure I was a nuisance… (right mom?) Whenever i heard the “click” of the whisks being released from the hand mixer, I scurried over and hoped I’d get that silver whisk handed to me to lick off after the hard work was done (back when nobody made a big deal about eating raw dough!) I am fortunate enough to have had incredible culinary influences in my life through my mom and grandma, both exemplifying exceptional cooking skills, creating authentic tasty Czech dishes frequently! This is where my passion/creativity for ingredients and food was ignited!

Things got really interesting in the kitchen when I wanted to get cooking independently. I still remember sauntering through a Scholastic Book Fair (yes, remember those!!) at school when i was a mere 8 years old and my eyes were immediately drawn to cookbooks for starting chefs! I begged my mom right then and there as I had decided I absolutely had to have these in my life, no questions about it. Well guess what, she said no… my tiny dreams were momentarily crushed. Don’t worry, low and behold I received, “Starting Cooking” and “First Cookbook”, the next day for my birthday! Phew! Did you feel bad for me temporarily? Haha.

I was on my way to becoming a master chef! Sort of.. I chose to make “Eggy Bread”, it doesn’t even sound appetizing… but it was a recipe in my book I decided to bestow upon my family members frequently, i never did hear bad reviews though! So fast forward 21 years and here I am, with more experience, a seasoned traveler, culturally inspired and through this I have created my own recipes for you to try out. I truly hope you get the enjoyment out of cooking my beloved recipes (and devouring them, duh!) as I do! Put love into every wholesome ingredient, turn up that music, and let’s get cooking!


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