Cuban Inspired Shrimpuritto Guacamole Bowls

Happy hump day everyone! I am confident that I can transport you to an isolated and stunning beach, where you are devouring my finger licking, Cuban inspired, Shrimpurrito Guacamole Bowls. Close your eyes, take a deep breath of the salty ocean air and absorb the rays of sunshine on this wintery day with these gorgeous and boisterous bowls.

My creativity for this recipe was influenced by my trip to Cayo Santa Maria, Cuba, an island off Cuba’s north coast. I was genuinely taken aback by the alluring and stunning scenery, the beautifully generous, gregarious Cuban people and let’s not forget the distinctive and delectable cuisine!

Cuban food has a rich history and the cuisine holds a marriage of many different cultural influences due to colonization/immigration over the years. The blend of Caribbean, Spanish, African and of course local Native American Taino food, lends to unique and mouth-watering flavors. I still dream about the sweet tropical fruit carved into beautiful designs and the fresh succulent seafood!

My husband and I were truly spoiled during our trip, we were able to experience home-cooked Cuban cuisine by a friendly local that we met while lounging on the white sand beaches. He would go out of his way to create us authentic Cuban dishes and wanted nothing in return but to share his culture with us. He would prepare us dishes made with love, consisting of juicy shrimp, spiced and flavorful black beans, steamed rice, Cuban guacamole (amazing mixture of avocado, pineapple and cilantro) and sweet, ripe, tropical fruit. I had to bring back these flavor combinations and influence to Canada to share with everyone with my Shrimpurrito Guacamole Bowls!

These Shrimpurrito Guacamole Bowls are so quick to whip up for a scrumptious and healthy lunch or dinner! They are jam-packed with sweet veggies, protein packed black beans and juicy spicy shrimp. Get creative with these boats, they are fun to make and devour, get ready to make a mess eating these as well, it’s all part of the fun! Buen Provecho!

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