Crispy Baked Indian Chickpea Fritters Topped with Mint Yogurt Dip

Can you believe it, first Friday of March is here! This means we are approaching the beauty and artistry that Spring delivers and guess what, March is National Nutrition Month in Canada! National Nutrition Month brings awareness surrounding proper nutrition and calls attention to healthy eating habits and choices. I love that we have a month dedicated to such an imperative cause, remembering to nourish our body and soul with wholesome and nutritious food (oh and of course scrumptious)! Let me embody and inspire you in this movement with my crispy, baked and beautiful, Indian Chickpea Fritters Topped with Mint Yogurt Dip!

I have to admit, I can find it challenging to get the proper amount of protein on most days. I am certainly not the carnivorous type, but I realize the importance of protein in my diet. So on the days I’m not feeling meat protein sources, chickpeas are definitely a go to. They are brimming with high protein and fiber levels, they absorb and take on flavors beautifully and are so versatile. This is how my Indian Chickpea Fritters were born!

I was craving something crispy, yet creamy and immersed in curry flavors. So I created these simply adorable little veggie fritters that pack a punch in the protein and spice department! They are incredibly easy to create, they remain light and healthy as they are baked, not fried. What’s a fritter without dip? A lost soul! So i wanted to compliment and tame the heat of the curry with a fresh, vibrant, mint and cucumber yogurt dip, you will adore the combination! These Indian Chickpea Fritters are perfect on their own, served as an appy, thrown into your favorite salad, or I love to top off my Buddha Bowls with these beauties! Try them out this weekend! Happy Friday everyone, XOXO

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