Asparagus Wrapped With Crispy Miso Eggplant

Happy first week of April everyone! So I think (actually, I know) I’ve created something positively out of this world, I know, I’m humble on every aspect today…:) I promised to showcase asparagus in a variety of recipes and I’m still on that asparagus high, but I wanted a salty, satisfying, pub style, finger food deliciousness to munch on… then it hit me! Why not try emulate a healthy play on tempura/bacon wrapped asparagus, is that even doable? YEP, sure is! I combined my inspiration from Japanese staples and seasonal produce to create the perfect finger food, Asparagus Wrapped in Crispy Miso Eggplant.

I get many recipe ideas in my kooky head, usually at 3 AM I might add and I have to jot it down immediately, my husband thinks I’m nuts as I’m madly scribbling something in the early morn… he’s used to it now. Where I was going with that, oh yes, was not all my ideas work or there is a lot of trial and error…. but these magnificent Miso Eggplant Wrapped Spears were faultless the second I pulled them from the hot oven and popped one in my mouth! I am always thrilled when that occurs, these are truly a scrumptious, easy peezy and healthy finger food option!

This recipe was clearly cultivated by my culinary experiences in Japan, immediately miso marinade jumped into my head! Miso is such a staple in the seasoning of their food and has such an amazing tangy, distinct, savory and salty flavor, I knew I wanted to create a miso marinade for that silky eggplant, then wrap that deliciousness around nothing else but those fresh asparagus spears! The second they began to roast, I was reminded of familiar smells that I experienced in the many Izakaya’s (Japanese style pub/taverns) that serve a variety of grilled meats and vegetables, all with a cup of sake to wash it all down with!

Simply dip that eggplant, wrap and roast! The eggplant get’s golden and crispy around the juicy asparagus, the bold miso, garlic, sesame and ginger flavors hit your palate and you keep wanting more. They are a great snack or perfect for a unique appetizer that surely will have your guests pleasantly bewildered, even those carnivores (I swear). My husband is neither an asparagus nor eggplant lover and I made him (I asked him nicely) sample one, then before I knew it, half my photography plate was eaten up! Try em out, let me know what you think, tag a pic on Instagram (@apinchofnurse) or Facebook, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

See Monday’s aren’t so bad when you have my Asparagus Wrapped in Miso Eggplant recipe you need to try out this week right?! XOXO

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