An Asian Buddha Bliss Bowl To Nourish The Soul

I’m not entirely sure where or when the fad of Buddha Bowls transpired, but I am sure ecstatic they did! My Asian Buddha Bliss Bowl is an incredibly tasty, healthy and nourishing bowl of goodness. It is packed with fresh nutritious veggies, energy ridden grains and drizzled with my Garlic and Ginger Tahini sauce, that you will be licking every last drop of (it’s SO damn delish!)

So what in the world does Buddha Bowl even mean or consist of!? I like to relate it to a balanced meal, simple and pure food full of nourishment for your mind and soul. Or simply, a big bowl of brimming deliciousness that resembles a Buddha’s Belly? I love it when I can get creative with my food, this bowl let’s you do just that.

I was inspired by my travels in SE Asia for the ingredient profile in my Asian Buddha Bliss Bowl. The crisp, sweet, vibrant vegetables and warm hearty rice in this bowl bring me back to Vietnam’s bright, buzzing food markets and striking rice paddies. The bowl wouldn’t be complete without a melt in your mouth, golden and juicy mango, (I ate about a years worth of mangoes in Cambodia)! The Ginger and Garlic Tahini dressing is tangy and harmoniously brings the whole bowl together entirely.

Rice paddies in Sapa, Vietnam during our hike.

The preparation for this bowl is so worth your time, I promise. I always prep a little extra of each ingredient so I can have a Buddha bowl in a jiffy the next day… or two! I hope my Asian Buddha Bliss Bowl brings you a sense of balance, happiness, peace, nourishment, energy and of course a smile that can change the world! Sorry about the mini Buddha Belly you might have after eating the entirety of this bowl 🙂

“To keep the body in good health is a duty … otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.”

— Buddha

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